Phoenix Syrian Sweets Exchange

Authentic Syrian Sweets & Pastries made by Syrian Refugees

Syria is famous throughout the Middle East for its food – particularly its sweets. Arizona is home to more than 300 Syrian families in both the Phoenix area. Bake sales are being held to help generate income for the bakers and introduce our new Syrian families to the wider community.

Please come and show your support and solidarity with the Syrian members of our community!
You will enjoy delicious sweets and a wonderful cultural experience.

Common Syrian Pastries

Some of the more popular Syrian Pastries & Desserts


Baklava can come in many different shapes and sizes.


Namoura are very savory and delicate baked sweets.


Commonly stuffed with dates or other fruits.


Sweet and savory sesame sweet cookies!

Come get a taste of Syria

Authentic Syrian Sweets & Pastries made by Syrians

Upcoming Syrian Sweets Exchange

  • Oct 1st at 10:30am-12:30am at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church, 4455 E Lincoln Dr, Paradise Valley

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